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Established in 2007, Tekneen District Cooling & Utilities is a Kuwaiti Joint Stock Company (Closed) providing district cooling services for the public, commercial and industrial sectors.

While the concept of district cooling in Kuwait is not exactly new, as it has one of the pioneer district cooling plants installed over 50 years ago, further development had been slow to come by. However with the recent proven viability of district cooling plants in the neighboring GCC countries and with the growing recognition of the need towards Energy saving and adhering to environmental norms, the idea of district cooling plant has once again gained momentum.

The re-vamping of the socio-economic structure has given way to development of small independent cities, neighborhoods centers and educational institutes in Kuwait that make the concept of district cooling useful and viable.

Tekneen along with other Government institutes and private companies has spearheaded the study of implementing district cooling in Kuwait and several representations have been made to the Ministries in this regard. To say the least, Tekneen is poised to play a major role in the implementation of district cooling in the near future

What is District Cooling?
District Cooling can be defined as the distribution of cooling from one or more sources to multiple buildings. District cooling systems produce chilled water at a central plant and then distribute the chilled water through pipes buried underneath the streets out to buildings in the district for air conditioning use. District cooling is now widely used in downtown business districts and institutional settings such as college campuses. Individual buildings don't need their own chillers or air conditioners anymore. A district cooling system does that work for them.

District cooling systems displace peak electric power demand with district cooling and storage using ice or chilled water. This benefits the local power grid by reducing peak power demand and alleviating power congestion due to power transmission limitations in cities. So district cooling not only helps cool cities, it helps alleviate the challenges posed by high electric consumption and strives to reduce the CO2 emissions, helping in curbing the pollution.

District Cooling Benefits
District cooling systems provide a variety of benefits, both qualitative and economic. The qualitative advantages are perceived in terms of better comfort, better reliability, and maximized convenience. Mechanical cooling and air conditioning requirements are growing rapidly throughout the world, partly because there are many new buildings being built and partly because those buildings are being built in warm climates. However, no matter where those buildings are built, they tend to be tighter and more densely packed than they used to be. This creates a need for air conditioning even in very cold climates.

People are also increasingly emitting more and more heat into buildings through all types of electronic equipment that generate extra heat such as computers and various other gadgets. All this has led to a growing demand for comfort in homes and offices, a need that is directly addressed by District Cooling.

The economic benefits can be experienced by both the owner and the tenant, where the capital costs of control panels, internal power distribution, annual maintenance and power consumption inside the building are reduced and the cost of chillers are eliminated.

  •  Better quality of cooling
  •  Maximum cost effectiveness
  •  Capital cost elimination
  •  Space saving
  •  Decrease in sound pollution
  •  Environmentally friendly

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