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Established in 1993, as part of Kazema strategic plans to diversify into service business areas using Kazema large clientele base and sharing maintenance services facilities such as operations controls, center computer, wireless communications and sales force.
Klean-Rite offers wide range of services in area of specialty cleaning, restorations and maintenance :-

  • Carpets
  • Air Conditioning ducts
  • Marble, granite, acoustic ceiling
  • Bathroom & Kitchen fixtures
  • Pest Control

Klean-Rite is now offering the people of Kuwait a choice to save on new replacements by economical restorations using the latest technologies improving their work and living environment.

Klean Rite WLL
P.O.Box 279 Yarmouk,
72653 Kuwait
Tel       : 24814900

Fax     : 24921460
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