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On behalf of Kazema Global Holding (KGH), please allow me to welcome you to our website, which will provide you with information and statistics on our organization, our capabilities and services. Air Conditioning & Refrigeration being our core competency business, this website reflects our vision, philosophy, and growth since 1976, with significant transformation over last few years into 4 key sectors, Contracting, Utility Provider, Service &Trading. As in any business, customers are our prime focus and we understand their requirements and provide solutions. With modern technology and fully integrated ERP systems, we provide valuable support to our customers as well as to our suppliers. With over USD 85 million total annual sales and strength of over 500 employees, our operations are poised for further growth to meet the challenges of the future. With this website we hope to connect you to the range of services that we can offer for your benefit. I welcome you once again and sincerely hope you would find surfing through our website a fruitful experience.