About Us

Business was founded in 1976, incorporated in 1977 under Kazema Engineering Projects WLL, and 2007 shareholder equities of Mr. Fadel Al-Kazemi and Late Shaker Al-Kazemi was transferred to the Kazema Global Holding Company.

Kazema Global Holding Company core business represents Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration contracting, maintenance & distributions divided into the following sectors :-

1. Contracting Sector
        Kazema Engineering Projects WLL
        Kazema Refrigeration Contracting WLL
        Al Kazemi Air-Conditioning WLL
        Tekneen BMS WLL

2. Utility Provider Sector
        Tekneen District Cooling & Utilities KSCC

3. Service Sector
        Kazema Maintenance Services WLL
        Klean Rite WLL

4. Trading Sector
        Kazema Supply & Parts KSC
        KSP Global      
        Kemya Chemical & Industrial Services  WLL
        Kazema Traders WLL

Subsidiary Companies : -

       1. Najd Holding KSC
       2. Rite Azel WLL
       3. Rakad Parts & Supply Co. WLL - Jordan